It is undeniable that the bathroom is the most important room in a house. A bathroom is a place where we can fulfill a very personal needs. We usually clean ourselves in the bathroom and also do the other humane activities. As a very vital place in the house, the bathroom must be clean and well maintained, even we need to make it look beautiful and also have a neat arrangement. So, we as bathroom users will feel relaxed when using it. If you have a comfortable bathroom, it will certainly help the homeowners to be able to clean themselves after a day that full of dust and dirt, and they can relax the tired muscles after doing a lot of activities every day.

Apply the Right Bathroom Design

Many people certainly want to have a bathroom that has the impression of luxury without having to reduce the space in the house. Realize this thought, so, it is necessary to apply the right design in your bathroom. You need to use a minimalist bathroom design that is widely initiated by reliable designers around the world. Then you will have a bathroom that looks elegant and spacious, even though the room is actually narrow. Currently, there are more and more bathroom design models that you can make reference and choices to apply in your home, so you can freely choose a minimalist bathroom design that suits your own needs and your family.

Some of Minimalist Bathroom Design for You

Here are some minimalist bathroom designs that you can choose to apply in your home. The bathroom design is a design which can make a minimalist bathroom not look narrow and look more beautiful. Here are some of the most popular bathroom designs lately:

  1. A bathroom that has no separator.

The first step when you want to make a minimalist bathroom look broad is to remove the separator in your bathroom. If you use a screen or shower screen in your bathroom, it will make it look narrower. Although you can use another method such as using a transparent screen. But still, the minimalist bathroom design without using this screen will make your bathroom look more luxurious. Especially, if you put ceramic tiles on the walls and floor of your bathroom with matte textured tiles. The use of this design makes your bathroom look more classy.

  1. Minimalist bathroom using white Mozambique ceramics.

If you use a minimalist bathroom design that has a white Mozambique floor design, your bathroom will look more elegant and stylish. The use of a monochrome white design will make the bathroom look cleaner and brighter. If you want to add the impression of elegance and luxury, you can use a photo or an abstract artwork that you put in the frame, then hang it on the wall of your bathroom. You can also add a flower vase to be placed next to the sink. The reason is, because the flower vase has a function as a sweetener of the room. You can also spray perfume on the flower pot so that your bathroom is fragrant and odorless.

  1. Apply a bathroom style with monochrome color.

In a minimalist bathroom design with the use of monochrome color uses designs such as floors and also painted ceilings. In addition, the design also uses a black wall by adding lighting art around the mirror. The aim is to provide an elegant feel when using it. Do not forget to make a window in the bathroom so that the air circulation in the bathroom remains stable and also adds more comfort when used. The presence of this window will provide natural lighting in the bathroom.

  1. Bathroom with minimalist lighting.

In ancient times almost every people have a dark bathroom. It considered as a dirty and creepy bathroom. Now, in this modern times instead, the dark bathroom design become very popular among the public. It is because the impression of minimalist luxury is reflected in the dark design of the bathroom wall. A bathroom that has a design like this, must get more attention in the lighting so that you won’t feel wrong about using the concept. Install windows to provide natural lighting and add white lights naturally.

  1. 1 x 2 size bathroom.

This minimalist bathroom design is very popular with the public. Generally, the bathroom room does not require a complicated design. The use of natural stone materials or other simple stone elements can add a special impression in the bathroom. Make it look more perfect by adding a spotlight to highlight the corner or the other side of the bathroom. It is one option that you can use as a minimalist bathroom concept.

Use a design that you think is the most comfortable to apply in your bathroom, so you can clean yourself comfortably. The most important thing is you should pay attention to its cleanliness. Because by maintaining cleanliness, your elegant bathroom will be more beautiful, healthy and safe to use.