Various activities in the kitchen, it’s no wonder if the kitchen is one of the rooms with expensive workmanship and manufacturing costs. Want to save on the cost of making a kitchen? Simple kitchen design might be your solution. Various simple kitchen designs can be presented through material selection to the arrangement of layout and utilization of existing spaces.

9 Top of Minimalist Kitchen Design

Want to apply a simple kitchen design to save costs? If you are still confused about what simple kitchen designs are suitable for your home, here are some various simple kitchen design inspirations to help you to realize a simple kitchen design with a friendly budget.

  • A simple kitchen without hanging cabinet, even though you want to apply a simple kitchen design at a low cost, it doesn’t mean you can make the kitchen lose the functionality value as you like. One of them is the storage function. For that, you can get around your simple kitchen design by replacing the hanging cabinet with open shelves, and applying the wall shelves of open cabinets in the kitchen set. This can reduce the use of materials and also make the kitchen still be able to accommodate many items.
  • No details and no colors, applying many details and various finishing will indeed make a simple kitchen design cost a lot. So, it doesn’t hurt you to try to eliminate the details and colors in a simple kitchen design to save costs. The tread to eliminate the impression of monotony, you can make a white variation on different tones or use textured materials with white. Afraid of being expensive? Relax, you can follow this with a choice of Carrara marble or solid surface ceramic tiles. You can also use bar stools with a striking color to enrich the visuals of your simple kitchen design. To brighten the atmosphere, you can add essential kitchen textile items, such as aprons, gallon sheaths, or kitchen washcloths.
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    Simple Kitchen Design with Wooden Box, for now, the wood material is still the favorite of many people to make a kitchen set. For that reason, why not present this wood in a different form but still functional in a simple kitchen design? This can be realized by modifying the wooden box into a simple kitchen set complete with wooden furniture in matching colors. To make this wood element stand out, you can apply white to your walls, floors and simple kitchen ceiling designs. But, remember to put the cabinet as a place to store the cookware you have. Quality cookware will also be damaged quickly if it is not stored properly.

  • Table Top for Minimal looks, making concrete as a table top is one simple kitchen design trick that is not only easy but also economical. This simple kitchen design is the right alternative for you who want to bring simplicity at a low cost without looking cheap. To maximize it, perfect simple kitchen designs with floor and wall finishing in harmony with concrete. You can use concrete, gray or matching paint, and ceramic choices with concrete patterns and textures can be a good choice. Adding a few wood elements like the cabinet door and kitchen equipment is also not forbidden, it can even create more aesthetic elements! In addition, you can hang your cooking utensils instead of putting them in the cabinet.

Simple kitchen design can’t always help you in saving costs if your arrangement and planning are not right. You can adapt and combine various simple kitchen design inspirations above and match the needs and costs you have for your simple kitchen design.