A Simple Kitchen Design that Attracts Attention

It’s natural if people have a hobby of eating. They like to eat various types of food, and they are happy to explore various types of food. Other than buying food in a stall or restaurant, there are also many people who prefer to do cooking experiments in their own kitchens. Because of this, it cannot be denied, if today many people are looking for kitchen designs that will make them more comfortable when cooking in the kitchen. Office kitchen or minimalist kitchen designs are now the targets of many people. That’s because the minimalist kitchen design is considered simpler, not excessive, but also has an elegant and neat impression.

Therefore, many people carry this theme to build a kitchen room in their house. By doing that way, they will feel like home and comfortable when cooking in the kitchen, and also a well-organized kitchen will make it easier for the users to find the items they need. If everything is organized, another advantage is that there are no dangerous items are scattered, such as knives, scissors, so you will be safer and able to avoid things that are not wanted to happen when using the kitchen. For you who want to design your kitchen with these designs, here are some ideas that you can apply to design a minimalist-style in your home or apartment kitchen.

The Kitchen Design You Must Try

First is the design of an office kitchen that saves electricity. You can paint a minimalist kitchen with the dominant white color. Another way is that you can coat the walls using wood or wall wallpaper that has a wood motif. Your kitchen should be given a window with a standard size or wider. The goal is to be able to make sunlight coming in, so you can save on the use of lights and also save on electricity costs later. You must be good at integrating white kitchen furniture or equipment. White color will make the impression of minimalism in your kitchen more and more stand out.

The second concept is a concept with a minimalist color. This kitchen design makes your kitchen look minimalist by giving a touch of gray color to the kitchen wall. If you like gray color, then you don’t need to hesitate to paint your kitchen wall using this color. The gray color in the kitchen will give a different accent and impression, so the kitchen does not look monotonous. You will be able to create a more diverse kitchen atmosphere with the color combinations that you apply. The atmosphere in the kitchen will make your cooking mood go up, and your cooking activity will be more enjoyable. The kitchen which is decorated in gray color will make the kitchen wall that has a high risk to get splashed by oil does not look too dirty. But, if you use white color, once the wall is exposed to dirt, it will seem very disturbing. About the decoration and the room using efficiency, you can also use a table with a U shape, so that the room is not too narrow. You can use the kitchen freely without experiencing interference when moving here and there.

The third concept of office kitchen is a combination of contemporary style. This is a combination of minimalist design and contemporary designs that you can create by using the dark colored furniture. Some of this furniture, such as plant pots, frying pans, ovens or griller, water faucets, kitchen chairs, and also lamp funnels. So, this design emphasizes the selection of kitchen furniture. The reason for choosing dark colored furniture is because these colors tend to be easier to combine with various other color choices. You can even combine it with bright colors besides white color, and the results remain beautiful and pleasing to the eye. A common color combination is a combination of black and white. Black color not only giving a clean impression, it is also easier to clean. If your child likes drawing, you don’t need to worry because you can clean it easily and it doesn’t look dirty afterward.

The next concept is an alternative concept for utilizing tableware. You may often see a kitchen combined with a dining table at the same time. This concept will save space. Especially, if your home is not too big, this is an alternative that you can try. You can also install cabinets in parallel, and then you can use it as a dining table. Then you can put your cutlery on the shelf that you put on the kitchen wall. Then, for food ingredients and cooking utensils, you can store them in a cabinet that you have arranged. To beautify the design of your home kitchen, you can add a light bulb in some places of the kitchen that you think will give the more minimalist impression in your kitchen.

Make Sure About the Safety in The Kitchen

Those are some tips or choices of minimalist kitchen design or office kitchen that you can choose. Adjust your design choice with the shape and the order of your kitchen space. Make sure that all the kitchen equipment is stored properly. You also have to make sure that the fireplace system is running well and safely so that there will be no disaster in the future. Keep the kitchen clean, so that the food you cook is far from the bacterial diseases that can threat your family. I hope it will give you the inspiration to have a well-designed kitchen in your house.

Special Treatment in Interior Design



The home interior does need special attention from the house owner. However, the interior is the most important place in a house, because that’s the place where families gather and spend valuable time with the members. So do not be surprised if the interior of the house is always designed as comfortable as possible by the homeowner. If the situation and the conditions in the house are neat and well organized, then every people’s mood in the house will be even better at home. You may be too tired from working all day, and your home will be the most comfortable place to rest, especially if the interior design is very good and well organized, it will make you feel more comfortable.

If you want to design the interior of your own home, then you must know that you need special skills to design the interior. In addition, you must adjust the design to your taste. Maybe in addition, not only paying attention to personal tastes, you also need to pay attention to the comfort of guests who might visit your home for a while. The more often you try to design the interior of your own house, the better your ability will be. There are so many people who give up in the interior arrangement of their homes because designing the interior is not an easy thing like blink the eyes. The work of an interior designer is difficult, but you need to find out the tips and tricks in designing the interior of your home.

Interior Design for Your Small House

Here are some small house interior designs that you can choose as inspiration and apply in your home. In addition, the review will also convey several factors that need to be considered in the interior design. Here’s the review:

  1. Have a good spot under the stairs.

This first design is an interior design that utilizes space under the stairs. The room under the stairs? Yes, maybe you are still unfamiliar with that. But that’s how great an interior designer is, they always have the idea to take advantage of every corner of the house to be useful. One way that can be done is to add a thin television rack, so you can turn it into a room for the family. So, everyone will feel comfortable and happy.

  1. Providing high aesthetic value.

This time we will discuss the interior design in the bedroom. Make the bedroom room arrangement beautifully and consider the high aesthetic value. There is room to sit back, equipped with a minimalist stacked shelf that has high artistic value so that it can improve the beautiful impression in the room that is not too spacious. Put a white shelf so the room can look bright. Shelves can be used as room dividers. Use dominant colors of white and black, because the monochrome color is always successful in providing a beautiful modern atmosphere.

  1. Not giving a gap, make use of all the spaces.

There is an idea of ​​setting up a kitchen room for you to apply at home. especially for those of you who have a kitchen with a narrow space. An innovative kitchen design idea gives the idea to remove the bulkhead between cabinets and the roof. So, your small kitchen won’t feel cramped. Especially if you make the cabinet inside the wall, it will save more space.

Prioritize Your Own Comfort

These are three tricks and interior decorating tips for your home, start from the design of the living room, kitchen, and also the bedroom. By applying the tips presented above, it will inspire you in determining the ideal home design in accordance with the shape of the house and also your taste.

Prioritize the comfort in the interior arrangement of your home. You do not have to force to enter items that actually do not match the criteria or shape of space in your house. Prioritize the harmony between space and furniture that you have. Adjust the color of the furniture to the color of your room, use the color combinations that you like and you think it is pleasing to the eye. Take advantage of various gaps in your home, look for furniture that fits the space available, so that no space is wasted.

Simple Kitchen Concept

Every home, craving for an ideal kitchen but the ideal kitchen doesn’t have to be large. Even though it’s small, with the careful arrangement, and maximizing the benefits of all angles of space, comfort will be created. The tiny kitchen does not mean it must be made sober. Although the kitchen is mini-sized, its existence remains functional. On the other hand, it makes the interior of the house interesting. If at home there is only a small amount of land available for the kitchen, don’t give up. There can be a beautiful kitchen even though it’s small.

How To Create a Concept of Simple Kitchen

The first key to a small kitchen design solution that occupies a limited space is the manufacture of a continuous cabinet up to the ceiling. The goal is to be able to accommodate a variety of cooking utensils and other kitchen devices. For additional storage containers, cabinets and hanging shelves are made on the other side of the kitchen wall, above the dining area attached to the wall. Open shelves can be used to accommodate displays, dinnerware, or frequently used cooking utensils. So there’s no need to bother opening the closet.

About one meter away from the kitchen set placed on the dining table. This 160cm x 70cm x 70cm (PxLxT) table is attached to the wall. So that there is enough circulation space to pass people in the kitchen. The design was made slim and simple. With table legs made of pipe iron. The choice of wardrobe devices that are neat and natural, is the key to the comfort of a small kitchen. The concept of a small kitchen design is usually more suitable to be applied to an open concept house, meaning that this kitchen becomes one part with other spaces in the house.

The kitchen furniture might be deliberately designed to follow the existing space, ordering specifically according to the needs of the occupants of the house and maximizing the existing space. By using your own design furniture, models and sizes can be adjusted to your needs.

  • Wood cupboard, as an aesthetic consideration, mindi wood is chosen. This type of wood has fibers that are similar to Dutch Teak wood, have large and clearly visible grooves. Another consideration is the color of wood chosen which is bright or young, given the small size of the kitchen, so it does not give a narrow impression in the kitchen.
  • Maximize the angle of space, so that all corners of space can be utilized optimally, a full cabinet is made. This means that there will be triangular cabinets as storage. By maximizing the use of space angles, there is no open angle so dust does not nest. Except under the stairs, another storage area is under the kitchen table. Small and large drawers are made, reducing warehouse usage. To save space, the kitchen dining room is put together. The dining table is made directly in conjunction with the kitchen, of course, arranged so that the location of the table is outside the kitchen area.
  • Color and Lighting, white dominance is also very helpful to make this kitchen bright and airy. If you notice, the kitchen set bottom cabinet is made to float. At the bottom, it is illuminated. In addition to beautifying, also to keep the kitchen easier to clean. Adequate lighting makes dirt more clearly visible.

To have a small kitchen that is neat, comfortable and beautiful, there is no need for large spaces. With careful settings, all kitchen items can be neatly arranged and activities in the kitchen become more comfortable.

Minimalist Kitchen Design in Low Budget

Various activities in the kitchen, it’s no wonder if the kitchen is one of the rooms with expensive workmanship and manufacturing costs. Want to save on the cost of making a kitchen? Simple kitchen design might be your solution. Various simple kitchen designs can be presented through material selection to the arrangement of layout and utilization of existing spaces.

9 Top of Minimalist Kitchen Design

Want to apply a simple kitchen design to save costs? If you are still confused about what simple kitchen designs are suitable for your home, here are some various simple kitchen design inspirations to help you to realize a simple kitchen design with a friendly budget.

  • A simple kitchen without hanging cabinet, even though you want to apply a simple kitchen design at a low cost, it doesn’t mean you can make the kitchen lose the functionality value as you like. One of them is the storage function. For that, you can get around your simple kitchen design by replacing the hanging cabinet with open shelves, and applying the wall shelves of open cabinets in the kitchen set. This can reduce the use of materials and also make the kitchen still be able to accommodate many items.
  • No details and no colors, applying many details and various finishing will indeed make a simple kitchen design cost a lot. So, it doesn’t hurt you to try to eliminate the details and colors in a simple kitchen design to save costs. The tread to eliminate the impression of monotony, you can make a white variation on different tones or use textured materials with white. Afraid of being expensive? Relax, you can follow this with a choice of Carrara marble or solid surface ceramic tiles. You can also use bar stools with a striking color to enrich the visuals of your simple kitchen design. To brighten the atmosphere, you can add essential kitchen textile items, such as aprons, gallon sheaths, or kitchen washcloths.
  • Find The Best Lovely Kitchen Box Design You’ll Love – The Pictures WareHouse

    Simple Kitchen Design with Wooden Box, for now, the wood material is still the favorite of many people to make a kitchen set. For that reason, why not present this wood in a different form but still functional in a simple kitchen design? This can be realized by modifying the wooden box into a simple kitchen set complete with wooden furniture in matching colors. To make this wood element stand out, you can apply white to your walls, floors and simple kitchen ceiling designs. But, remember to put the cabinet as a place to store the cookware you have. Quality cookware will also be damaged quickly if it is not stored properly.

  • Table Top for Minimal looks, making concrete as a table top is one simple kitchen design trick that is not only easy but also economical. This simple kitchen design is the right alternative for you who want to bring simplicity at a low cost without looking cheap. To maximize it, perfect simple kitchen designs with floor and wall finishing in harmony with concrete. You can use concrete, gray or matching paint, and ceramic choices with concrete patterns and textures can be a good choice. Adding a few wood elements like the cabinet door and kitchen equipment is also not forbidden, it can even create more aesthetic elements! In addition, you can hang your cooking utensils instead of putting them in the cabinet.

Simple kitchen design can’t always help you in saving costs if your arrangement and planning are not right. You can adapt and combine various simple kitchen design inspirations above and match the needs and costs you have for your simple kitchen design.

The Bathroom is One of The Most Important Room

It is undeniable that the bathroom is the most important room in a house. A bathroom is a place where we can fulfill a very personal needs. We usually clean ourselves in the bathroom and also do the other humane activities. As a very vital place in the house, the bathroom must be clean and well maintained, even we need to make it look beautiful and also have a neat arrangement. So, we as bathroom users will feel relaxed when using it. If you have a comfortable bathroom, it will certainly help the homeowners to be able to clean themselves after a day that full of dust and dirt, and they can relax the tired muscles after doing a lot of activities every day.

Apply the Right Bathroom Design

Many people certainly want to have a bathroom that has the impression of luxury without having to reduce the space in the house. Realize this thought, so, it is necessary to apply the right design in your bathroom. You need to use a minimalist bathroom design that is widely initiated by reliable designers around the world. Then you will have a bathroom that looks elegant and spacious, even though the room is actually narrow. Currently, there are more and more bathroom design models that you can make reference and choices to apply in your home, so you can freely choose a minimalist bathroom design that suits your own needs and your family.

Some of Minimalist Bathroom Design for You

Here are some minimalist bathroom designs that you can choose to apply in your home. The bathroom design is a design which can make a minimalist bathroom not look narrow and look more beautiful. Here are some of the most popular bathroom designs lately:

  1. A bathroom that has no separator.

The first step when you want to make a minimalist bathroom look broad is to remove the separator in your bathroom. If you use a screen or shower screen in your bathroom, it will make it look narrower. Although you can use another method such as using a transparent screen. But still, the minimalist bathroom design without using this screen will make your bathroom look more luxurious. Especially, if you put ceramic tiles on the walls and floor of your bathroom with matte textured tiles. The use of this design makes your bathroom look more classy.

  1. Minimalist bathroom using white Mozambique ceramics.

If you use a minimalist bathroom design that has a white Mozambique floor design, your bathroom will look more elegant and stylish. The use of a monochrome white design will make the bathroom look cleaner and brighter. If you want to add the impression of elegance and luxury, you can use a photo or an abstract artwork that you put in the frame, then hang it on the wall of your bathroom. You can also add a flower vase to be placed next to the sink. The reason is, because the flower vase has a function as a sweetener of the room. You can also spray perfume on the flower pot so that your bathroom is fragrant and odorless.

  1. Apply a bathroom style with monochrome color.

In a minimalist bathroom design with the use of monochrome color uses designs such as floors and also painted ceilings. In addition, the design also uses a black wall by adding lighting art around the mirror. The aim is to provide an elegant feel when using it. Do not forget to make a window in the bathroom so that the air circulation in the bathroom remains stable and also adds more comfort when used. The presence of this window will provide natural lighting in the bathroom.

  1. Bathroom with minimalist lighting.

In ancient times almost every people have a dark bathroom. It considered as a dirty and creepy bathroom. Now, in this modern times instead, the dark bathroom design become very popular among the public. It is because the impression of minimalist luxury is reflected in the dark design of the bathroom wall. A bathroom that has a design like this, must get more attention in the lighting so that you won’t feel wrong about using the concept. Install windows to provide natural lighting and add white lights naturally.

  1. 1 x 2 size bathroom.

This minimalist bathroom design is very popular with the public. Generally, the bathroom room does not require a complicated design. The use of natural stone materials or other simple stone elements can add a special impression in the bathroom. Make it look more perfect by adding a spotlight to highlight the corner or the other side of the bathroom. It is one option that you can use as a minimalist bathroom concept.

Use a design that you think is the most comfortable to apply in your bathroom, so you can clean yourself comfortably. The most important thing is you should pay attention to its cleanliness. Because by maintaining cleanliness, your elegant bathroom will be more beautiful, healthy and safe to use.